MedPress Shares Polyreaders’ Words


Getting lost in a book is such a bewitching experience. Much like travel, it takes you to places you’ve never been to without moving a limb (perhaps moving a finger is necessary to turn a page in your book or scroll down your screen, but I’m sure you get the idea!).

However, I found myself on the 23rd of November moving my many limbs on a very cold and rainy Saturday to go meet some fellow readers with our MedPress team. The event named Words « كلمات‭ ‬‮»‬, took place in the Polytechnic National School and was organised by its new reading club : Polyreaders.

My effort was soon forgotten and fully compensated for once I was at the event. The joy of seeing my teammates of course and the atmosphere of enthusiasm and curiosity have managed to chase my laziness away. Seeing how many students shared interest in reading and writing was what dissipated the cold weather’s gloominess and shone hope into our hearts.

The event covered many interesting subjects that were addressed by a variety of speakers from Algerian Youtubers and bookworms: Romeissa CHERFI and Raouf CHINE who help promote reading through social media to Moutaz Bi Allah YOUSSEFI and Mustapha Islem ZOUAGHI who spoke about the practicalities of publishing a book. Not to forget our very own Djamel Eddine BOUMAHAMMED who, if I may say with every bias possible, has nailed it in his talk on the goals of reading and its challenges.

Did I mention the interactive games that included the audience and involved storytelling?  Or the 11-year-old English speaker and instructor Mohamed Younes captivating everyone with his talk about his love of astronomy?

The lectures were brought to an end by a book lottery (None of us won unfortunately! *heavy sigh*). Then we proceeded to my personal favourite part : the stands. Ours stood in the midst of books and artworks, amongst reading clubs and book fans. In front of us were the potterheads who were visited occasionally by several of our members. To our left were the USTHB readers playing a particular round of chess. While our right was taken by our friends: قراء‭ ‬النهضة who gifted us in the end with lovely bookmarks. MedPress’s three issues were on paper as ready as we were to face the crowds and introduce our work to the world.

And the crowds did not disappoint asking and listening to each of us as they presented our different sections and articles, recommending personal favourites and encouraging them to take a look at our page. To our rejoice we found some of our readers amongst them.

At the end of the day, as we left the halls of this long-standing school, our spirits were high for we were inspired and content with the new acquaintances we’ve made and the beautiful experience we shared with our polyreading friends.